Jómadár - Kölsch kézműves sör


Kölsch-style, pale, top fermented

Alcohol: 5,1% V/V

Malts: Pilsen, Wheat, Münich, CaraPils

Hops: Warrior, Spalt

Yeast: YeastFlow – YF110

Packaging: 0,5l CAN / 30l KEG

This little birdie will fly you all the way over to Koln (Cologne), Germany, by the Rhine River, where beer has been brewed traditionally for over a 100 years. Its flavor is characterized by the perfect balance between the malt and the yeast. This beer is made unique by its golden glow and refreshing taste. One swallow does not a summer make, but this little bird will! Drink it while it’s still cold!


Philip says: I have always been a fan of traditional beers. I like when a beer has history, so Kolsch has been a favorite since my very first sip. I first became interested in the style when, at college, as part of my thesis, I made it my goal to develop a method of propagation yeast that is applicable for small-scale breweries. I used a Kolsch-style yeast branch during my experimentation. Once I was able to make a substantial amount, we hastily started making Kolsch at Monyo Brewery, since the guys there were also big fans of the style. The first 1000 liters (264 gallons) were gone in almost an instant, so, soon we were making 2000-liter batches and it became a regular supply. Our love for this beer has remained ever since, and when we were creating the basic assortment for Helka, it was obvious to me that it belonged on the list, since Kolsch is the perfect choice on a hot summer day for its light, pure, refreshing characteristics.

Kleine Fische - Bajor búza kézműves sör


Bavarian Wheat Beer

Alcohol: 5,5% V/V

Malts: Wheat, Münich, CaraPils, Un-malted Wheat

Hops: Hallertau Mittelfrüh

Yeast: YeastFlow – YF402

Packaging: 0,5l CAN / 30l KEG

Kleine Fische is an authentic Bavarian wheat beer with aromas of clove and banana in its scent and flavor. The wheat malt and cereal give it a pale and hazy exterior. It will provide a light, refreshing experience, a real salvation on a hot day.


Alex says: When I began to brew beer at home, I experimented with wheat beer from the start, both along the Belgian and Bavarian styles. What’s interesting about this beer is when Covid hit Hungary and I started making this beer again with my old equipment, this was the first brew that I made, and this recipe remained the same when we were searching for a wheat beer for the basic assortment for Helka with Philip. We did not want to create a usual, light yellow Bavarian beer that everyone knows, we went along one of our favorite styles, the Bayreuth-made Maisel’s Weisse. This one is a little darker and stronger than most of its fellow beers on the local market. Enjoy!

Kelén ipa kézműves sör


India Pale Ale típusú világos sör

Alcohol: 5,8% V/V

Malts: Pale Ale, CaraPils, Biscuit Malt

Hops: Warrior, Falconer’s Flight

Yeast: Fermentis – US-05

Packaging: 0,5l CAN / 30l KEG

In the old times, the Brits already knew that if they use lots of hops when making beer, it will withstand the long journey all the way to India. If they had known that the dry hopping not only preserves the beer, but also results in much more exciting flavors, they would still be drinking it instead of tea. Fortunately, we figured it out, so with plenty of hops we ensure you do not miss the boat, refreshing citrus and exotic tropical flavors are the true defining qualities of our Kelén IPA.


Alex says: When we were creating our basic assortment, it was clear that among the three brews we need one that is more hop-heavy, since it is the flagship of the new, beer revolution. We made our choice for this hard-to-come-by hop blend after much tasting and testing. The Falconer’s Flight is not the name of one particular hop, but it is a blend of many different kinds of hops. The name is an homage to American beer brewer legend, Glen Hay Falconer.

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